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Marketing Insights that 

  • Inspire Ideas

  • Influence Decisions

  • Impact Results

Insights that make an Impact

Insights only matter if they inspire business building ideas, influence decisions, and impact your business.  Otherwise, why expend all the effort and resources to do the research?  Far too often the information that is generated stops at the basic fact finding, and is labeled a consumer insight.  


i3 Insights goes beyond the basic fact finding to identify true consumer insights that delve deep into consumer behavior and motivations.  These insights stimulate inspirational business building ideas that influence decision making within your organization and ultimately impact your results.

Why i3 Insights?

i3 Insights brings over 30 years of experience providing a broad range of insights, analytics and strategic expertise.  This includes U.S. and International experience identifying consumer and shopper insights to drive in Strategy, Communication, Innovation Opportunity Identification & Assessment, and Category Management


i3Insights accelerates business growth by identifying the compelling insights to position businesses for growth, as well as launching successful new product innovation.  Clients specifically call out i3 Insights for strengths in strategic thinking, translating research results into practical easy to understand insights, the leadership to convert those insights into results, and simplifying complex situations.

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